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Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. Foundation (MAITC) Farm Camp Minnesota Program Director

Position description

Timeframe: May 29, 2023 – June 30, 2023
Annual Renewal based on Fiscal Year July 1 – June 30

The Farm Camp Minnesota Program Director will develop, enhance and execute Farm Camp programs and activities in Minnesota, further cultivating the innovative three part Farm Camp Minnesota experience for educators teaching in grades 5-12. Farm Camp connects educators with opportunities to engage their students with the agriculture industry across Minnesota. Farm Camp is a three part experience:

  1. MAITC classroom lessons and activities are used to ignite
    student interest and meet classroom curricula needs.
  2. In-person or Virtual Agriculture Tour, hosted by passionate agriculture representatives (AgHosts). These tours introduce students to the processes and people in real world agriculture. Student engagement with AgHosts provides a memorable, scaffolded learning experience.
  3. Exploration of careers in agriculture, with adapted lessons, resources and videos to foster curiosity and bring industry opportunities into focus.

This high impact program provides opportunities for classrooms, communities and those in the agriculture industry to share their experiences and questions with each other and seek understanding, furthering the mission of Increasing Agricultural Literacy through education.

This contract position is an outreach extension of Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. Foundation (MAITC). Mentoring on educational techniques, assistance with AgHost connections, marketing and social media support will come from the collective MAITC Team.

* 3+ years of experience with programming and administering programs
* Bachelor's degree preferred
* Background or experience in primary and/or secondary education (preferred)
* Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
* Previous leadership experience
* Ability to work independently, build partnerships and engage new audiences
* Strong organizational and networking skills
* Capacity to create and manage Social Media
* Ability to manage multiple projects

Duties of the Program Coordinator include:

Develop Partnerships and Build Relationships

  • Share Farm Camp resources with partners
  • Point of contact for all Farm Camp inquiries
  • Further cultivate a Farm Camp AgHost directory of suggested AgHosts
  • Work with MAITC Resource Specialists to promote Farm Camp and support educators
  • Work with MAITC Executive Director on program presentations, funding requests, grants and reporting

Create Content

  • Develop Farm Camp Resources, including ag career exploration resources
  • Maintain and update Farm Camp website
  • Point of contact for Vantage Point Marketing/RV Tech Solutions (website host)
  • Customize Farm Camp Welcome Packet with resources to be utilized by Ag Hosts, educators, and local coordinators
  • Create and post content for website blog (1-2 per month)
  • Collect Farm Camp testimonials
  • Consistently create and post on MAITC social media to build awareness and heighten interaction of Farm Camp

Project Management

  • Connect classrooms grades 5-12 to Farm Camp experiences
  • Support educators to complete all three parts of an immersive Farm Camp experience (lesson, tour, career lesson)
  • Work with Ag Hosts and educators to create a positive event experience through a communication timetable
  • Work with Ag Host to prepare (practice) for virtual and in-person events
  • Facilitate virtual Farm Camp tours, including assisting with technology

Reporting and Evaluation

  • Follow-up with educator, Ag Host or Local Coordinator to gain access to event images and details to create Social Media posts
  • Develop Farm Camp Evaluation Process to determine quality and efficiency
    • Analyze results following each Farm Camp experience monthly
    • Analyze feedback for areas of growth
  • Provide program reports/updates as requested for investor/grant reporting
  • Report program updates Quarterly to the MAITC Board of Directors
  • Set annual goals and professional development objectives

Contract Conditions

  • Contractor will report to MAITC Executive Director whom is overseen by the MAITC Foundation Board of Directors. Contractor will communicate weekly with the Executive Director and attend regularly scheduled MAITC Team meetings.
  • Monthly invoices are required for contract payments.
  • A two month notice of termination of services will be provided by either party if deemed
  • Other duties, as mutually agreed upon, may be added to this position.
  • Proposed Hours: Average 20 hours/week - Flexible hours
  • Proposed Salary: $1,800 month
  • Additional $200/month Office Stipend - Mileage, phone, office supplies. Any additional expenditures must be pre-approved.

About Farm Camp

Farm Camp Minnesota, an initiative of Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. Foundation (MAITC), connecting classrooms to dynamic on-farm/agriculture industry tour experiences. This is the evolution of Farm Camp Minnesota, previously a separate organization with a very different format. The evolved Farm Camp Minnesota program launched in October 2020. The objective is to bridge the gap between the classroom setting and real-world agriculture, a destination classroom that utilizes MAITC unit plans and resources, the total experience is a “Farm Camp”.

Submit your resume and cover letter to [email protected] by May 12, 2023.

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