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An Ag Host is a producer or agribusiness who hosts students in grades 5-12 on-site or virtually.  They increase students' knowledge about an industry and its careers, help peak students' interests and provide a meaningful connection to agriculture.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Open communication with an Educator to provide a meaningful experience for their students
  • Sharing engaging stories and activities about agriculture with students
  • Ensuring a safe environment for students at the farm/agribusiness



Farm Camp works with Educators and Ag Hosts (agricultural producers) to create a dynamic hands-on experience for students.

Think of Farm Camp as your partner to help you share your mission with students and Educators across the state of Minnesota.

We believe a successful tour comes together through preparation. Farm Camp takes the stress out of planning an agricultural tour by:

  • supplying a checklist to help successfully coordinate the Farm Camp experience
  • assisting with the scheduling and content of the tour
  • providing print and video resources from seasoned educators with how to deliver content to varying age levels and subject areas
  • sharing strategies to best engage students and practicing with the Ag Hosts to deliver an interactive, meaningful tour
  • keeping clear, consistent communication between the Ag Host and Educator

Following your tour, Farm Camp provides a social media platform and a press release outline to help the Ag Host share their story and the success of the event locally and online.

Farm Camp aspires to have a digital presence to build awareness of the industry and the multitude of career opportunities available for our future workforce. Through sharing each individual Farm Camp experience, we will curate a larger, more impactful voice for agriculture.

Types of Farm Camps

What to Know What Farm Camp Options Are Available for You?

There are four unique options when hosting a Farm Camp experience. Click learn more below to check out the differences between virtual and in-person opportunities for your Farm Camp.

How does Farm Camp support you?

Farm Camp Field Day - Meet the Pigs


From start to finish, Farm Camp provides resources to help you create the most successful tour.  We'll share tips for success, checklists, a media kit & more!

Farm Camp Field Day - Ag Education


You may have had an Educator reach out to you about a tour.  If you want to create your own tour and need a classroom to connect with, allow our Program Director to provide a classroom connection.

Minnesota Farm Camp - Class Farm Tour


Our Program Director is your personal support; ready to help you get organized, answer your questions, and assist you in the creation of a successful Farm Camp from start to finish.



Access unit plans for your educator, checklists and resources to run your event, tips and much more when you register your Farm Camp!



Let our Farm Camp Program Director find a connection for you to host or attend a Farm Camp!

Now Planning Farm Camp Experiences for Fall 2021!
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