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A Field Day Coordinator is a local volunteer or organization (Educator, Ag Host, community member, etc) who organizes a safe on-farm experience with local classrooms and many Ag Hosts.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Organize and lead a local Field Day that serves multiple classrooms and includes multiple Ag Hosts
  • Serve as the point person for communication between Farm Camp, Educators, and Ag Hosts
  • Ensure Educators and Ag Hosts have access to Farm Camp resources to make their tour successful



A Farm Camp Field Day is a complex event that works with educators and agricultural producers to create a dynamic hands-on experience for students.  The mission of this all-day or half-day event is to fully immerse students in diverse agricultural experiences.

Coordinators assist in creating an educational experience for students while also allowing Ag Hosts to share their agricultural story. You are the linchpin. The person that serves as the primary point of contact and coordinator for the event. Farm Camp assists you in providing checklists, invitations, agenda templates, and more to help make your Field Day a success. We have a library of resources to provide your Educators and Ag Hosts as well.  We want your event to run smoothly and we'll provide the assets to do just that.

As the communicator between all involved, we provide you with all of the resources to then share to all of your Educators and Ag Hosts involved.  We want everyone to work together to create a high-quality experience for our students to increase their ag literacy and provide a meaningful experience out on the farm.

Types of Field Days

A Farm Camp Field Day requires a coordinator and brings together multiple classrooms and multiple farms or agribusinesses for a day of agricultural experiences.

  • Single Location Field Day
    Ag Hosts meet the students at one location and students rotate around stations to hear from multiple Ag Hosts
  • Multiple Location Field Day
    Ag Hosts meet the students at one location (AM/PM) and students rotate around stations to hear from multiple Ag Hosts and then students go on a bus tour (AM/PM) to see different types of farms/agribusinesses
  • Bus Tour
    Students tour multiple farms/agribusiness by traveling by bus to each stop
  • Virtual Tours
    Ag Hosts provide virtual tours staggered throughout the day allowing for classrooms to jump on to engage in the tours
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From start to finish, Farm Camp provides resources to help you create the most successful Field Day.  We'll connect you with checklists, agenda templates, a media kit & more!

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Our Program Director is your personal support; ready to help you get organized, answer your questions, and assist you in the creation of a successful Farm Camp from start to finish.



Access unit plans for your educator, checklists and resources to run your event, tips and much more when you register your Farm Camp!



Let our Farm Camp Program Director find a connection for you to host or attend a Farm Camp!

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