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Dairy Farmer allows students to smell feed

Minnewaska 5th Graders Make Connections Between Agriculture and Their Daily Lives

You may think students make connections from their food, furniture and local landscape that agriculture is important in their lives. We’re finding those connections are getting lost and we want to help students build those back so they can value the world around them.

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Grant Now Available

Farm Camp Transportation Grants Now Available

Teachers asked, our investors answered For the 2022-2023 school year, we have Transportation Grants available; made possible by our incredible investors that heard of this need to support bus transportation […]

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Student holds baby chick

St. Paul High Schoolers Enjoy Day on the Farm

KDE Farms Gives Hands-On Tour to St. Paul High School Students What do you get when students step off a bus onto a farm for the first time ever? Questions. […]

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Student stands in front of pastured cattle

Metro Students Experience The Tale of Two Cattle Farms

Cattle is cattle, right? Metro students from a St. Paul High School quickly realized that cattle farming in Minnesota is very diverse which they attended this Farm Camp MN Experience.

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Bruce Tiffany Harvest Tour

“Come on up kids!” 6th graders virtually jump into the combine for harvest

Farmer Bruce Tiffany gives students a behind-the-scenes tour of harvest on October 7, 2021. What happens when 200 students…

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Amberly Cox AgHost

Meet a Farm Camp AgHost: Amberly Cox, U of M Crookston

“You never know when you’ll meet someone, who with one conversation, will set up the trajectory of their life because you shared your story.” After a fun-filled Farm Camp focused […]

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Goats at JB Farms

You’ve Got to be Kidding me

“You’ve Got to be Kidding Me” Farming Life Lesson: You can only plan for so much. Be prepared for anything. Let’s pretend for a second that you get the courage […]

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Virtual 5th Grade Ag Day engages over 300 students

Farm Camp MN and Redwood Area Chamber Ag Committee teamed up to create their first “Virtual 5th Grade Ag Day.” Learn more about the 4 diverse farm tours.

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5 Lessons Learned Graphic

5 Lessons learned from our Pilot Programs

Before fully launching Farm Camps to all educators, we started with 4 pilot programs. We learned a few lessons that helped us to now best serve our educators, students and […]

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Tractor Technology

What Does a Student Experience During a Farm Camp?

There are 3 main parts to a Farm Camp Student Experience. Learn about how students grow their knowledge on a specific ag industry inside and outside of the classroom.

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