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East Grand Forks Ag Careers Day

East Grand Forks Ag Careers Day

Agriculture is all around us! It is Farm Camp Minnesota‘s mission to increase agricultural literacy through experiences where students can interact first-hand with agriculture in Minnesota fields, industries and businesses […]

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Ag Career Resource Links

Minnesota Department of Education has Career and College Success recommendations to schools Kindergarten through 12th grade. One resource that is available is the Career and College Success website and resources. […]

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Why in-classroom learning before the tour?

Better Learning Experience Yes, it’s simple as that. We want students to experience a better learning experience. By providing in-classroom lessons, students go to the farm or agribusiness with a […]

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Bayer Showing Seed

Curiosity Sprouts During Science Ag Tour with Bayer Production

Why is it so important to show students the connection between what they are learning in the classroom and the real world? This Harvard article shares that students are more […]

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3 Ways to Engage Students at Farm Camp

What is Farm Camp? Farm Camp is a three-day immersive agriculture experience customized for classrooms Grades 5-12. A Farm Camp experience comprises three parts. How are students engaged at Farm […]

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Dairy Farmer allows students to smell feed

Minnewaska 5th Graders Make Connections Between Agriculture and Their Daily Lives

You may think students make connections from their food, furniture and local landscape that agriculture is important in their lives. We’re finding those connections are getting lost and we want to help students build those back so they can value the world around them.

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Grant Now Available

Farm Camp Transportation Grants Now Available

Teachers asked, our investors answered For the 2023-2024 school year, we have Transportation Grants available for the second year; made possible by our incredible investors that heard of this need […]

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Student holds baby chick

St. Paul High Schoolers Enjoy Day on the Farm

KDE Farms Gives Hands-On Tour to St. Paul High School Students What do you get when students step off a bus onto a farm for the first time ever? Questions. […]

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Student stands in front of pastured cattle

Metro Students Experience The Tale of Two Cattle Farms

Cattle is cattle, right? Metro students from a St. Paul High School quickly realized that cattle farming in Minnesota is very diverse which they attended this Farm Camp MN Experience.

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Bruce Tiffany Harvest Tour

“Come on up kids!” 6th graders virtually jump into the combine for harvest

Farmer Bruce Tiffany gives students a behind-the-scenes tour of harvest on October 7, 2021. What happens when 200 students…

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