Transportation Grants

Teachers asked, our investors answered.

Transportation Grants are available for the second year; made possible by our incredible investors that heard of this need to support bus transportation to our Farm Camp tour stops. We had heard from educators that their districts were not interested or able to fund their transportation costs to take students off campus to experience a farm/agribusiness tour. We know that getting students on-site and interacting with agriculture is important and enhances their knowledge through their first-hand experience. This grant opportunity will lower the barrier for our educators create a Farm Camp experience and engage their students with local agriculture.

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Grant Requirements

In order to receive transportation reimbursement, the grantee must provide the following information within 4 weeks after the Farm Camp event.

1) Pre-Event Survey and Post-Event Surveys must be completed by students

  • The surveys are provided by Farm Camp Minnesota and simply need to be completed before and after the experience.

2) Invoice from the bus company and/or school owned transportation service

  • Example: Invoice from bus company for 2 buses AND invoice from school for van transportation for special needs students

3) Completed Farm Camp Grant Report (within 4 weeks after the event) with the following:

  • Curriculum lessons utilized before and after the experience.
  • Event statistics: number of students impacted, number of sites, etc.
  • Adding 5 images of students experiencing a Farm Camp in the classroom and out on the tour.

4) Completed Photo Release Form

Farm Camp Transportation Grant Application

**The maximum request is $1000.

Step 1 of 3

School Address(Required)
Educator Name(Required)
Transportation Invoice Contact (District or Bus Company)
Sometimes it is easiest to work directly with the business manager or bus company to get the invoice taken care of after the event. If you would like the Farm Camp Director to work specifically with one individual, please provide their name and email here. If you will be the contact, you can leave this blank.

Frequently Asked Questions About Farm Camp Transportation Grants

To provide transportation reimbursement to school districts who engage in a Farm Camp experience through Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom. We encourage educators to create a Farm Camp experience for their students to build connections to what they are learning in the classroom and real world agriculture.  Farm Camp aspires to introduce students to agriculture careers and the people in them to start a conversation about agriculture opportunities that will be available to them in the future.

MAITC Foundation aims to fund projects that provide students the opportunity to experience agriculture in a cross-curricular manner. We strongly encourage teachers to utilize the many educational resources provided by MAITC free of charge. You can find them by clicking on the "EDUCATOR CENTER" link in the main navigation.

About the Generous Funder

Thanks to the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council, we at Farm Camp Minnesota can offer this great funding opportunity to grades 5-12 classrooms throughout Minnesota. As a result of their generosity, there were no Farm Camps cancelled in the 2022-2023 school year due to transportation limitations or lack of funding!

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