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Tractor Technology

What is the Media Saying About Farm Camp Minnesota?

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WDAY NewsTalk

This One Time at Farm Camp

Join WDAY Ag Director Bridgette Readel Chief Meteorologist Dean Wysocki, and Meteorologist Justin storm as they break down Weather and Agriculture topics. Today we chat with staff at Wanda Patsche, Director of a Minnesota Farm Camp.

Ag Week

Wanda Patsche Brings Extensive Ag Experience to Farm Camp

Wanda Patsche, the new program director of Farm Camp, is looking to open the eyes of the next generation of agriculture enthusiasts.

Minnesota Corn Growers Association

Farm Camp: Connected Learning on the Farm

On a bright, sunny October day, as Redwood County farmer Bruce Tiffany harvested his corn crop, over 200 sixth-graders from 13 southern Minnesota schools rode along in the cab.

The students learned how farmers use satellites, GPS and other technology to do their jobs. They asked Tiffany questions such as ...

Minnesota AgMag

Meet Farm Camp Minnesota

5th and 6th Grade Educators, as you’re paging through your AgMags this year, what if your students could have a customized, first-hand experience with what they are reading in the magazine? ...

The Farmer

Farm Camp Minnesota Brings Ag Experiences Alive For Youth

A revamped Farm Camp Minnesota is offering interactive experiences for students and teachers across the state. Originally run by volunteers as a day camp in summer, ...

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