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The generous financial gifts and dynamic support of donors have provided the opportunity to launch Farm Camp Minnesota in 2021!

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Support for Farm Camp Minnesota advances learning opportunities with impact on real world agricultural experiences today and into the future.

“The future depends on what you do today.” Mahatma Gandhi

Please join these inaugural donors that have made Farm Camp possible.  On-going and one-time gifts are all greatly appreciated.  Donate today, and know you are helping achieve the vision that Agriculture is Valued by All!

Farm Camp Mission

The mission of Farm Camp is to share the story of agriculture and increase agricultural literacy of K-12 students and educators through agricultural experiences/destination classrooms and the exceptional resources of Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom.  Careers in agriculture are accessible and plentiful no matter where you live in Minnesota, Farm Camp experiences will bring that fact to each encounter, demystifying the thought that all ag careers require a tractor.


The Farm Camp experience provides resources and experiences for students and teachers to see the agricultural curricular concepts used in the classroom in a real-world setting. Farm Camp is an excellent example of improving existing curricula through an integrated approach.  The added value of Farm Camp is a destination classroom/laboratory experience. Enhanced tools include the Farm Camp website, providing a complete digital coordination toolkit.  The Farm Camp Program Director has outlined an arsenal of Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom agriculture-based resources for educators to use prior to and after the Farm Camp Ag-Host experience, in addition to evaluations.  

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