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You know that engaging your students is the best way to develop deeper knowledge of your curriculum. With the help of our Farm Camp Program Director you will create an opportunity for your students to experience real world connections between your classroom and local agriculture.

Ways We Help:

  • Developing connections with local AgHosts to build your experience
  • Preparing the AgHost to deliver a positive, interactive experience for your students
  • Providing tailored lesson plans that build on your existing classroom curriculum to deepen your students understanding
  • Managing consistent communication between you and the AgHost to ensure a successful event

Customized Farm Camps

Each Farm Camp is unique!

Each experience is tailored to connect to your classroom's curriculum and engage your students.

Click some of the past Farm Camp examples below to begin brainstorming and get your juices flowing!

Dairy Farmer allows students to smell feed

Minnewaska 5th Graders Make Connections Between Agriculture and Their Daily Lives

By Farm Camp | 11/09/2022

You may think students make connections from their food, furniture and local landscape that agriculture is important in their lives. We’re finding those connections are getting lost and we want to help students build those back so they can value the world around them.

Student holds baby chick

St. Paul High Schoolers Enjoy Day on the Farm

By Farm Camp | 05/28/2022

KDE Farms Gives Hands-On Tour to St. Paul High School Students What do you get when students step off a bus onto a farm for the first time ever? Questions. […]

Student stands in front of pastured cattle

Metro Students Experience The Tale of Two Cattle Farms

By Farm Camp | 05/25/2022

Cattle is cattle, right? Metro students from a St. Paul High School quickly realized that cattle farming in Minnesota is very diverse which they attended this Farm Camp MN Experience.

How does Farm Camp support you?

Farm Camp Field Day - Meet the Pigs


From start to finish, Farm Camp provides resources to help you create the most successful tour.  We'll provide standard-based lesson plans, tips for success, checklists, a media kit & more!

Farm Camp Field Day - Ag Education


Know what type of farm/agribusiness you'd like to connect your students to but don't know a farmer personally? Allow our Program Director to connect you to someone in your local area for your tour! Don't know what you want to do yet? We've got ideas!

Minnesota Farm Camp - Class Farm Tour


Our Program Director is your personal support; ready to help you get organized, answer your questions, and assist you in the creation of a successful Farm Camp from start to finish.



Access unit plans for your educator, checklists and resources to run your event, tips and much more when you register your Farm Camp!



Let our Farm Camp Program Director find a connection for you to host or attend a Farm Camp!

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