Our team finds so much joy in providing 5-12 students Farm Camp experiences across the state of Minnesota. From providing educators with standards-based curriculum to providing hands on application and career exploration, students and educators alike benefit. Check out the reactions from those who have experienced our Farm Camps firsthand.

Southwest Minnesota 5th Grade Ag Day, May 2022

St. Paul, Minnesota, May 2022

Allison Zaccardi, Harding High School

"We all had such a good time last Friday.  I was worried about the time on the bus, and it was okay.  I had made some beef and dairy trivia to learn and review on the way.  It was really great to get to Jared's regenerative farm and learn about their processes and compare them with Barb's conventional (yet sustainable) methods. Ideally it would have been fun for the kids to have a hands on activity to do while on the farm, maybe in small groups.  Look at silage and try to figure out what is in it, milk a cow, feed a calf, etc.  The group, while not big, was still a little big.  If we could have broken in to two smaller groups I think more kids would have milked the cow. 

If the two farms were a little closer together it would have been nice to spend more time at each farm.  Would also have been fun to do a photo op with a cow/calf.  Could make for a fun social media campaign. The ice cream at Wolf Creek was really appreciated!  

Bathrooms were an issue, we had to stop at a gas station after the first farm, not sure they appreciated 25 teenagers.

Again, thank you for all the planning and work to make the day happen. It was really fun and appreciated!"

Virtual Farm Camp Experience, November 2021

Tiffany Kobberman's Class and Southern MN Sugar Beet Coop, AgHost Steve Domm

“I have millions of ideas but not enough time to make them happen.”

“It is so much more impactful when students hear information from someone else.”

“I love how [the AgHost] spoke at their level and connected with what we were talking about in class.”

“It was so valuable for the students to hear how the AgHost got into that position. Kids think there is one path to getting a job, but that’s just not true.”

“It was cool when the AgHost spoke about the global impact of sugar beets.”

“Students got excited when he mentioned things we had already talked about in class.”

Large Animal Vet Class Full Day Farm Camp, January 2023

Becca Herberg, Cleveland High School

"How did it go? 

Great!  The only minor issue we encountered was the Swine Vet Center didn't give us a tour of the facility/pharmacy due to us being at a farm prior.  If done again, I would swap the order of events so we could do both.

What did you like most?  

I liked that everything was coordinated and set up for me 🙂  It was easy and worry free from a teacher perspective and I greatly appreciated all of the leg work to make this trip happen.

What did your students enjoy?

The students really enjoyed touring the swine barn.  None of them have ever been and it was a cool experience to see and also learn about."

Soybean Genetics Farm Camp, January 2021

Amy Mastin's Class with Farmer AgHost Bruce Tiffany

“The AgHosts presentation had great flow and was pertinent to what we were learning in class.”

“Our AgHost taught us more than we could have learned from any textbook.”

“Our AgHost gave us great perspective on local soybeans but also shared about the global impact of MN soybeans.”

Bruce with Combine Oct 2021 6th Grade

Virtual 5th Grade Ag Day, May 2021

Julie O'Halloran, St. Mary's Bird Island

"What went well? 

It was great having the variety of farming, from crops to livestock. Great explanations by everyone. Enjoyed seeing the land used and the technology.

What did you and the students enjoy?

The students enjoyed the livestock...the lambs and pigs the most. Thank you for sending feed samples out for students to touch and smell.

What changes would you suggest for the future? 

For the feed samples, maybe give a few minutes for the students to look at each one before going on to the next sample.

Do you have other fun ideas on how we can improve this event?

At this time I cannot think of any.

I liked the virtual tours. It allowed the students to see many different types of farms in a day. This would not have been possible for us otherwise, as bussing and transportation budget is limited for us. 

Thank you very much!!"

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