Why Farm Camp?

The mission of Farm Camp is to share the agricultural story and increase agricultural literacy of K-12 students and educators through on-site agricultural experiences. The role of Farm Camp is to serve as a connector of the classroom to an on-site experience. We believe increased agricultural literacy occurs through field experiences that allow students to personally interact with agriculture and meet the many faces behind the production of their food, fuel and energy.

Farm Camp Minnesota has created Virtual Farm Camp opportunities to allow for online viewing during the 2020-2021 school year.  Utilizing a video conferencing platform, such as Zoom, students can interact with an AgHost who is on-site and they can gain knowledge through a professional and up-close agricultural virtual tour.

Through a digital presence, Farm Camp aspires to build awareness of the industry and the multitude of career opportunities available for our future workforce. We will curate a larger, more impactful voice for agriculture by sharing Farm Camp experiences.

Farm Camp with a Virtual Twist


Farm Camp works with educators and agricultural producers to create a dynamic virtual experience for students. Farm Camp provides Ag Hosts with a platform for them to share their story and students a first-hand look at agriculture.

Farm Camp partners with Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom (MAITC) to supply educators with educational materials to best prepare students for their virtual experience. Through the use of MAITC lessons, students gain an understanding of a specific agricultural product to support learning prior to their virtual Farm Camp experience. Pre-tour lessons set students up for a successful on-site experience by growing their agricultural literacy.

Educators and AgHosts work together to schedule a time for the virtual tour.  Resources with best practices for virtual tours for both the AgHost and Educator are provided.

Following the tour, students dive into a lesson on Agricultural Careers that were highlighted during the tour.  This immersive experience allows student curiosity to grow as well as their agricultural literacy.

Watch this snippet from our Virtual Farm Camp with Sleepy Bison Acres to see what a Farm Camp is like!

Getting Started

Virtual Farm Camps can come together quickly! Follow these steps to get started:
  1. Connect with an Educator or AgHost to see if they would be willing to collaborate
  2. Select a date that works for both of you
  3. Register your Farm Camp HERE to get access to our Virtual Farm Camp Resources and to make your Farm Camp official


The Farm Camp Program Director is here to assist you in getting started, connect you to Educators and Ag Hosts, and help you stay on track. The Program Director is happy to help brainstorm ideas, answer questions and help get you connected to educators and/or Ag Hosts in your area.

Please contact our director if you have an opportunity you'd like to discuss. We're always excited to help put your ideas into action!

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