2024 Renville, Redwood and Brown Counties 5th Grade Ag Day

For many years, the Redwood Area Chamber Ag Committee has brought students together to learn about agriculture at their annual 5th Grade Ag Day. In recent years, Farm Camp Minnesota has linked arms with the Ag Committee to expand 5th Grade Ag Day, 2024 was the biggest year yet.

School Bus

About 2024 5th Grade Ag Day

On May 8, 2024, approximately 360 5th grade students from schools throughout Redwood, Renville and Brown Counties gathered at Gilfillan Estate in Morton, MN to learn about agriculture. Thanks to Transportation Grants more students were able to participate, providing travel to the four different farm locations, Gilfillan Estate and back to their respective schools. Before their visit, 69% of students stated that they could list three ways that they use agriculture in their life. After this experience, 90.4% of the 5th graders said that they could list at least three ways that they use agriculture in their daily lives!

Farm Camp

Farm Camp Minnesota is a program of Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom. Farm Camp is a three part immersive agriculture experience for 5 - 12 grade learners that is customized to meet the needs of each individual classroom. The three parts include in-class learning, hands-on farm or agribusiness experience and career exploration while connecting to the existing classroom curriculum.

2024 5th Grade Ag Day Stops

Sheep Farm

Sheep Farm

Students visited the farm of Doug & TaLana Mathiowetz near Morgan, MN. TaLana shared their experience with raising sheep allowing the students to see and hear about the life cycle of the animals on the Mathiowetz farm. For many students, this was the first time they had a chance to get up close and personal with sheep including lambs.

Feed Smelling

Hog/Goat Farm

Andrew Van Nurden hosted students on their hog and goat farm near Morgan, MN. Andrew hosted students in their shed allowing them to hear about the life cycle of both pigs and goats. Students also were able to touch and smell the various types of feed the animals consume and hang out with a few piglets and goat kids.

hemp house

Hempcrete Home

The Lower Sioux Indian Community’s Hemp and Agriculture Department hosted this tour stop. Farmer Joey Goodthunder and Hemp Department Director Earl Pendleton taught students about the high insulation value and non-flammable characteristics of hempcrete. Students had the opportunity to feel hempcrete inside of a home built with these materials and learn about the production process. 

Cattle Farm - 5th Grade Ag Day

Cattle Farm

Students visited the cattle farm of Karl Ramey near Morgan, MN. Karl shared information about his cattle operation, the life cycle of cattle and the many products that come from cattle with students. Students enjoyed getting up close and personal with the cattle as well as taking a tour of the feed house.

Soybean Sorting

Career Exploration and More!

Students attended a variety of 20 minute stations while out at Gilfillan Estates. FFA students from Cedar Mountain FFA and Redwood Valley High School FFA, Bayer, Artex Manufacturing, Weltsch Equipment, Tiffany Farms and Pioneer hosted the stations. Topics included The Seed, Ag is Tech, Bag to Wagon, Farm Safety, Today’s Equipment, More Than Produce and Learning to Do. Highlights from these sessions included PTO safety, drone usage in agriculture, pinch point safety, leadership skills and more.

Thank you for a WONDERFUL day!! Your presenters were terrific, kept the kids engaged and excited about the future! Thanks for all of your hard work on this fantastic event!

Westbrook-Walnut Grove Schools

2024 5th Grade Ag Day Results

Students completed a pre-event survey as well as a post event survey to better help gauge the impact of their experience. After their Farm Camp experience, 70% of the 5th graders said that they could name five agricultural careers in my community; growth from 40.6% prior to Ag Day! One 5th grade student even said his favorite part of the day was learning.

5th Grade Ag Day


None of these amazing results would have been achieved if it wasn’t for the dedication from the volunteers. It takes many dedicated individuals to create such a successful event and we would like to give credit where credit is due! Thank you to the event coordinators, Redwood Area Chamber Ag Committee, agribusiness community partners and volunteer ag hosts.

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