Farm Camp to Linden Livestock in Hanska, Minnesota

With the many facets of agriculture, there is a lot to be learned and careers to fill within the industry. Farm Camp Minnesota, a program within the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation, works to provide these opportunities and knowledge to students with a three-day immersive agriculture experience. This more than just a field trip experience is customized for grade 5-12 classrooms throughout the state of Minnesota with the opportunity to step foot in an agribusiness or on a farm and make connections with potential careers. 

Farm Camp to Linden Livestock

The three step process begins with students learning from standards-based, grade specific curriculum that establishes the foundation for the field trip, the second step of a Farm Camp. After the onsite or virtual farm or agribusiness visit, students explore the many career opportunities available in agriculture. As a result of this Farm Camp in Hanska, students have a 22% increase in understanding of how agriculture is used in their life!

Linden Livestock

About the Farm Camp Experience

On Wednesday, July 12, 2023 25 sixth through eighth grade students from Dakota Meadows Middle School from Mankato, Minnesota attended a Farm Camp at Linden Livestock. During the experience, students learned about goats, chickens, pigs, horses, guard dogs and gardening. 

The students were surprised by how much knowledge farmers need to know about the variety of different things. They loved feeding the pigs, petting the goats, and asking questions about the garden and how the food is grown.

Linden Livestock Farm Camp Results

After their Farm Camp Minnesota experience, 95% of the students said they felt they knew more knowledge about the industries in agriculture that they toured; growth from 73% prior to Farm Camp! This was a 22% growth in understanding as a result of one Farm Camp experience!

Who Made the Farm Camp Possible?

This Farm Camp experience was made possible through the coordination of Farm Camp Minnesota and a Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Transportation Grant that covered transportation to Linden Livestock. Thank you staff of Linden Livestock for making a great impact on these 6th-8th grade students and opening your doors for this Farm Camp Experience!

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