Farm Camp: More Than a Field Trip

As you are connecting with a local farmer to bring your students out to their farm, you may be thinking:

I’ve got this!

I’ve done plenty of field trips before. 

And you are 100% correct! If what you want is just a field trip, you are good to go.

But a Farm Camp is more than your average field trip!  When your students engage in a Farm Camp experience they are going to:

  • Become immersed in curriculum content before, during, and after their visit
  • Create a meaningful human connection to someone in an agricultural field
  • See first-hand their own connection to agriculture

We know it is different than a field trip because we’ve surveyed the students who have attended and we’ve measured their knowledge growth. Look at the impact in these statements gathered from student surveys:

“I learned the importance of agriculture and how it is in almost everything we do!”

“I liked meeting [them] because I want to have my own homestead someday and I’m glad I got to ask them about their operation.”

“I was surprised to learn about the many jobs other than farmers.”

“My favorite part was just getting to learn a lot about agriculture. I liked how she related what we were learning into her own life stories.”

As you can see, student surveys have been impactful to see student knowledge growth and read their perspective on the experience!  They have been the best pieces of evidence for us that our passion for connecting students to agricultural experiences is 100% worth it!

There are 3 main parts that really make a Farm Camp experience different than a field trip:

1. In-classroom Learning
2. Farm Camp Tour
3. Post-Tour Career Lesson

This 3 part Student Experience allows them to fully immerse in a topic/industry to gain more clarity and understanding of its importance in our ever-changing world! 

For you, the educator, Farm Camp Minnesota has organized the tools and resources you need to make this experience possible without having to “reinvent the wheel.”  Our system is FREE (did we mention that?), ready for you to take and execute, and comes with a built-in assistant (our Program Director) to make your experience IMPACTFUL!

Want to learn how you can get started creating your very own Farm Camp experience in 3 easy steps? Click here.

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