There are 3 main parts to the Farm Camp Student Experience:

1. In-classroom Learning

Prior to the Farm Camp tour, students are taught in the classroom with material connected to the upcoming tour. Sometimes this is straight out of the science textbook or social studies material. Other times educators use Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom lesson plans to connect curriculum material to the agricultural industry students will be touring.  

Educators: When you register your Farm Camp, you get access to our Industry Specific Lesson Plan Library! Will your Farm Camp explore the dairy industry? We have 10 different lesson plans that will amplify your students’ learning! How about crops? We’ve got 15 different lesson plans for you to use! Want to learn more about the resources we provide you when you register your Farm Camp? Click here.

2. Farm Camp Tour

The Farm Camp tour is a hands-on, personal learning experience. The goal during the tour is to gain a trusted connection between the students and the AgHost. We want them to get their questions answered, dig deeper into what they’ve already learned, and bond with the AgHost to build a relationship of understanding. We know that when students share an experience with an AgHost, they feel more comfortable asking the tough questions and really listening to understand. 

Educators: Prior to the tour, AgHosts are prepped on what the students are learning in the classroom so they can continue to build on that topic and share how it is connected at their own farm/business. This makes for such an engaging and meaningful tour, which is exactly what you want for your students, right? (Wondering who works with the AgHosts to prep their presentation? Why, our program director of course! Read more about the support you get from your “partner-in-ag” here.)

Tractor Technology

3. Post-Tour Career Lesson

Why does a Farm Camp end with a career lesson? Of course, we want students to grow their knowledge of agricultural procedures and impacts, but we also want to shed some light on how this could impact them in the future.  Want a great resources for Minnesota Agriculture Careers? Check out the Southern Agriculture Center of Excellence site!

If there is a spark of interest or passion, we want them to recognize there is a world of jobs open for them to explore their passion. Highlighting different agricultural careers after a Farm Camp tour, allows the students to see how the AgHost impacts a whole chain of other careers that create an agricultural product! Touring a dairy farm is eye-opening to so many, but what would a Day Without Dairy be like? Helping students understand that there are thousands of people that are integral in the production of milk, cheese, and other dairy products is our mission with the career lessons.

Career Lessons are tailored to your specific agriculture industry and provided for you!

Ready to create your own students’ experience? Connect with our Program Director to begin your Farm Camp journey!

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