Minnewaska 5th Graders Make Connections Between Agriculture and Their Daily Lives

Farm Camp Experience Helps Minnewaska 5th Graders Make Connections Between Agriculture and Their Daily Lives

It's not as obvious as you might think... Every day, students eat food, use wooden objects and furniture, and drive by fields of crops and soil...yet they don't feel like agriculture plays a large part in their lives. It was Farm Camp's goal to fix that perspective!

Minnewaska 5th Graders from Glenwood, MN got to experience agriculture up close and make connections for themselves. They learned quickly that Minnesota farmers and ag businesses are working around the clock for their survival and enjoyment!

On this Farm Camp tour, students toured Dorrich Dairy to see how technology assists dairy farmers allowing them to care best for their cows and the environment. At Max Bats, students saw how a chunk of maple turns into a beautiful MLB bat used by players across the nation. Students questioned Brut's Worm Farm about why worms --- and their answer blew their minds! "You mean worms actually help our plants grow better?" Lastly, as students toured one of many R.D. Offutt potato storage facilities and learned that their french fries were guarded for months prior to being eaten, they were shocked and excited! "I can't wait to tell my mom about this!" said one pumped-up 5th grader. 

Josh Greene, the educator who connected with Farm Camp even commented, "How did I not know this?"

Through Farm Camp experiences, we want students to build the connections between their food, fuel and fiber to the world around them. If you want to create an experience like this for students in your area, please connect with us!

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