Minnewaska 5th Grade Ag Day 2023

Each of the Farm Camp Minnesota experiences provide students with the unique opportunity to learn about agriculture in a three step process. First students learn from standards-based, grade specific curriculum that establishes a foundation of knowledge for the field trip, the second step of the process. After the onsite or virtual farm or agribusiness visit, students explore the many career opportunities available in agriculture. For about 104 students from Minnewaska, this experience increased their knowledge of agriculture by over 30%!

About Minnewaska’s 5th Grade Ag Day

Minnewaska 5th Grade Ag Day 2023

On Friday, October 6th, approximately 104 of Minnewaska’s (Glenwood, Minnesota) 5th Graders participated in 5th Grade Ag Day/Farm Camp Minnesota experience. Tour stops included Dorrich Dairy, R.D. Offutt Farms, MaxBats, and Bakko Industries where they learned about agriculture, dairy, potato storage & composting, technology and caring for the land. The employees at each location were excited to engage students and explain their role in agriculture.

Students left learning fun facts about the products these agribusinesses and farms produce. Some of the highlights for students and educators were surprised to learn many things including that robots milked the dairy cows and cleaned the floors, how to store potatoes and keep them fresh for a whole year, how much string it takes to make a rope, and how baseball bats are made. 

Minnewaska 5th Grade Ag Day Results

After their Farm Camp Minnesota experience, 91.1% of the 5th graders said they felt knowledgeable about the industries in agriculture that they toured; growth from 59.8% prior to Farm Camp! Students also said they would love to go again and learn even more about agriculture! “It was a super fun and cool experience to learn about everything you need in agriculture,” said one 5th grade student.

Special Thanks!

Transportation is a common hurdle that prevents many students from receiving the opportunity to attend in person field trips. We are beyond thankful for sponsors and donors who help move these barriers for students. Thanks to a Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Transportation Grant, transportation to the farms and agribusinesses in the Brooten and Glenwood area were covered completely! This experience was also made possible through the coordination of Farm Camp Minnesota.

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